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Crystal Hamilton

We all have untapped potential hiding within us- a superhero second personality begging to be unleashed into the world. Learning to master mind control is your ultimate superpower. You are standing on the precipice of your epic life. Take the leap!

what's really holding you back?

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Hi, my name is Crystal. I empower aspiring mompreneurs to master their mindset so they can gain the courage to take the leap into entrepreneurship and create a lifestyle aligned with their greatest aspirations.

You’ve been talking about starting your own business for some time now, yet you can’t seem to get over the hump.

Subconsciously you harbor deep-seated fears and self-limiting beliefs that tell you, “I already have too much on my plate, or I don’t have enough expertise- nobody cares what I have to say, or What if I fail my family, and It’s just not the right time-everything has to be perfect. Sound familiar? It is these fears that are keeping you unmotivated and holding you back from success.

No worries! I have developed the perfect framework and tools to help you question your beliefs, reprogram your subconscious thoughts, and conquer your disempowering emotions and behaviors so you can begin living the mompreneur lifestlye you dream of. Everything is all about your goals and your intentions, I am merely a guide illuminating your pathway toward mastering your mindset and realizing your greatness.

let's dive deep! what negative thoughts, emotions, and fears are holding you back from achieving success?

Start your journey here! Take this assessment and let’s uncover what’s really preventing you from living your best life and pursuing your dream lifestyle.

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Supporting you in creating unstoppable courage and mastering your mindset for your dream entrepreneurial lifestyle through 1:1 coaching support, email support, workshop video content, actionable strategies, mindset challenges, and freebies.


Offering convenience through online webinars designed to help you dive deeper into Superhero Alter Ego training, topics, and subject matter through interactive learning for improved retention. You can save time and learn everything right from the comfort of your home.


Supporting your busy lifestyle and budget through online courses designed to provide you with a flexible, low-cost alternative to the full coaching program where you can learn at your own leisure across a spectrum of topics relevant to aspiring mompreneurs.

transformational mindset training for aspiring momprenuers

explore how I can help you

mindset transformation

Empower you to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, and procrastination. Giving you the tools you need to take back your power, control your thoughts and emotions, and get unstuck.

realistic goal setting

Develop your clarity of vision and outlook about the ideal future that you see for yourself through a powerful goal setting process that empowers you to create your own reality and live life on your terms.

intentional living

Recognize and identify the current misalignments in your life and awaken your consciousness to creating a way of life that mirrors your personal values, life’s purpose, goals, intentions, and dreams.

unlock true potential

Tap into your greatness and uncover your true capabilities. Employ a new enlightened state of mind to foster success so you can create a life of abundance and become the very best version of you.

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what my clients say

My name is Kirstie Page and I am a visual artist who lives in Brisbane, Australia. My uplifting artworks and stories support, enrich and empower people through bringing comfort and sparking joy. 

I was privileged to recently have the opportunity to connect with Crystal from Superhero Alter Ego after winning a fabulous prize as part of the extraordinary Holistic Entrepreneurship Summit that took place online at Facebook recently.

As a new artist and new business owner with family demands and pressures, I was feeling quite overwhelmed when I commenced my session with Crystal and received my special Master Your Intentional Life and Business Workbook

You see, I knew what I want to achieve (to make people like you feel less alone, make you smile and remind you how priceless you are), but achieving this mission? It felt SO big and such a monumental task – I just didn’t really know where to start.

Crystal helped me so much with overcoming this massive hurdle. She helped me clarify my why, my how and my when. To be honest, I couldn’t believe how much we achieved in such a short period of time.

Not only was she so knowledgeable, she also CARED. She spoke with kindness and compassion. She wasn’t afraid to be truthful on where I needed to make adjustments, but she did it in such a kind way.

If you are wondering whether you’ll get value out of working with Crystal, I can tell you – yes you absolutely will. You, like me, will feel very lucky to have found her…

Kirstie xxx

Kirstie page

Meaningful Art & Stories

transformational mindset training for aspiring momprenuers

courses coming soon

overcoming obstacles and adversity

Building Resilience, Grit, and Mental Toughness

Escaping Self-Sabotage

Conquer Your Negative Thoughts and Self-limiting Beliefs

The Power of an Alter Ego

How To Become The Greatest You Version of Yourself

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