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Hi, I'm crystal

I empower aspiring mompreneurs to master their mindset so they can gain the courage to take the leap into entrepreneurship and create a lifestyle aligned with their greatest aspirations.

You’ve been talking about starting your own business for some time now, yet you can’t seem to get over the hump.

Subconsciously you harbor deep-seated fears and self-limiting beliefs that tell you, “I already have too much on my plate, or I don’t have enough expertise- nobody cares what I have to say, or What if I fail my family, and It’s just not the right time-everything has to be perfect. Sound familiar? It is these fears that are keeping you unmotivated and holding you back from success.

No worries! I have developed the perfect framework and tools to help you question your beliefs, reprogram your subconscious thoughts, and conquer your disempowering emotions and behaviors so you can begin living the mompreneur lifestlye you dream of. Everything is all about your goals and your intentions, I am merely a guide illuminating your pathway toward mastering your mindset and realizing your greatness.

awaken your epic potential

let me introduce you to your
superhero alter ego

and show you what you can do

When you look into your future, what do you see? Do you see all the possibilities – or all the pitfalls? Do you think of all your potential – or all your perceived limits? Whatever you want to achieve in your life, I am here to tell you this: you can do it. There is nothing outside your reach if only you are willing to face yourself. All your self-limiting beliefs, all the fulfillment you feel like you are missing out on, I can help you to move forward and away from it. There is a bright future ahead of you, and I want to show you how to get there.

Hello Hardworking Mom,

I am so glad you decided to stop by! My name is Crystal Hamilton and I am a mindset coach. I help working mothers recognize and conquer their unconstructive irrational thinking, and discover the confidence and courage they need to believe in themselves as aspiring entrepreneurs and take the leap toward starting their own businesses.

If you are a working mom who has always dreamed of starting your own business but you suffer from negative thoughts like:

“Success is just not possible for me.”

“It’s just not the right time.”

“No one ever supports anything I do, so why even try.”

“Everything has to be just perfect or I can’t do it.”

“What makes me think that I could ever compete with her.”

I created this business just for you. An encouraging community where hardworking women all working towards the same goal could transform your fixed mindset into a powerful growth mindset and evolve into the sheroes you truly are within-acquiring the fearlessness to live your best lives.

My intention is to help you embrace your true power, take back control of your life, and create a different reality- one where you have possess the courage and confidence to execute your life vision and live an intentional entrepreneurial lifestyle.

my story

In the early years of my journey I was running in circles, on autopilot with no direction. I was literally flowing through life allowing every limiting belief that I possessed to keep me from reaching my full potential- as a mother, as a wife, as a woman, as a human being, and especially as an entrepreneur.

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in many arenas of entrepreneurship. I’ve been everything from a retail wholesaler to a T-shirt designer to a nonprofit founder to a web and graphic designer to a business and marketing strategist all while
 working a corporate job, raising a family, trying to be wife of the year, and attending college.  

I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was doing everything I supposed to or so I thought. I was so busy being busy that I wasn’t being productive and making real progress toward my greatest life goals.

And it wasn’t until the high-risk pregnancy of my twin baby girls, which forced me to for the first time in my life BE STILL, that I came to realize that there were so many things wrong with this picture…

My life was completely out of alignment. my mindset was not supporting my intentions.

Problem #1: I was extremely shy. 

I missed out on some great opportunities because I didn’t have the confidence and courage to pursue them.

Problem #2: I suffered from anxiety.

I was anxious about my future as a mompreneur. I worried that I couldn’t have it all as a mother, wife, and businesswoman.

Problem #3: I feared other people’s opinions.

The disease to please was a huge factor in me not setting proper boundaries, not saying “no” when I should have, and valuing other people’s opinions over my own. 

Problem #4: I was a perfectionist.

I would beat myself up for not being the perfect mom, wife, and entrepreneur and because of this unhealthy way of thinking I would place unreasonable demands on myself.


Apart of me knew that I was capable of so much more, but I just couldn’t seem to get over the hump.

I was drastically low on discipline and focus and waaay overstocked on insecurities, and I knew this was not the life that I saw for myself, for my family, for my legacy.

When I looked in the mirror, I knew that there was an inner being; a Superhero Alter Ego just waiting to be unleashed. That’s when I decided I was done with that nonsense and made the commitment to invest in my mental and emotional health.

Here’s the epiphany that changed my life...

when you change your mindset, you begin to create your own reality and that is the key to success.

Success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics — what you do doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the right mindset.

Tony Robbins

I don’t care how grand your professional background may be, how much money you have, or how skilled you are in your field, all of that means absolutely nothing if you don’t possess the courage and positive mindset to believe:

I am capable of raising a family and run a business.

I am qualified, worthy, and enough.

I can be successful, abundant, and prosperous.

The resources that I have are are more than enough.

People will support me, and my work will make a difference.

Failure is not the end. It’s simply a detour to success.

I have the power to create the life I want for me and my family.

I believe in myself!

Once I learned to master my mindset, the game changed. Negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs were no longer sabotaging my success. The quest for perfection became a thing of the past. Confidence and fearlessness kicked into high gear. A higher consciousness awakened and day by day I could see myself transforming into my higher self- the true authentic version of me. 

A problem solver at heart, I have made it my mission to help women just like you

master your mindset

and overcome everything holding you back from achieving the life of abundance you’re seeking through entrepreneurship.

Everything you ever needed is already within you. Your Superhero Alter Ego is awaiting….

let me show you what you can do!

Today, you have the opportunity to transcend from a disempowered mindset of existence to an empowered reality of purpose-driven living. Today is a new day that has been handed to you for shaping. You have the tools, now get out there and create a masterpiece.

Steve Maraboli

my life

When I’m not empowering women with Superhero Alter Ego, I am loving on my husband and 4 kids.

I also homeschool my youngest three children, and I must say, that is an adventure in itself but a blessing for sure.

I am a true creative and visionary. I love designing and developing new concepts and brainstorming the next big thing.

People who first meet me tend to think that I am a business first, serious no-nonsense chick, which I can be at times, but those closest to me know otherwise. I’m actually really goofy and down to earth. I love to laugh. It keeps my vibration and energy high and in good spirits.

Throughout my busy schedule, I always make certain that I take time to practice and reinforce my own personal mindset training through research, meditation, journaling, reciting affirmations, and listening or watching inspirational content online.

I received my M.S. degree in Innovation and Entrepreneuership from Full Sail University and my REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) Mindset Life Coach Certificate from Transformation Academy.

My passion is empowering women to acknowledge the Shero within themselves and use their inner power to become the blessing to their families, communities, and world that they were born to be. But it all begins with mastering mindset so they can develop the courage to live their most epic life.

stop making excuses. it's time to shift your mindset and level up your life

looking to make a change?

Are you ready to get out of your own head, stop beating yourself up, conquer your anxiety and overwhelm, and remove mental roadblocks holding you back from living your best entrepreneurial lifestyle, I got you!

Let’s take back control of your life, find your peace, get comfortable with uncertainty, and develop a fearless growth mindset so you can begin living an intentional purpose-driven life of abundance and freedom. Let’s get it!