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Avoiding Workout Burnout: How to Exercise Without Being Overwhelmed

By Crystal Hamilton

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The most profitable time for the gym would be New Year’s. This is where everyone has made their resolutions to eat healthy, stay active, and improve themselves. At the beginning of the year, people rush to the gym to do their 5 to 7 times a week fitness commitments. The first month is amazing; people are determined and motivated to keep going. However, after the second and third month, the gym is empty again. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Everybody’s passion and determination just fizzled out.

We all strive to work out to become healthy and to look great. We start off with a fiery passion, but only to fade out each week. This is mainly due to one or more things- our busy schedule, exhaustion, or laziness that creeps up in every moment of our lives. After all, we are humans, and it’s difficult to keep up with that lifestyle for such a long period of time.

Luckily, there are ways that you can take to avoid that work out burn out so you can continue your active lifestyle and optimal fitness level on a daily basis.


Before the workout, you can start with an inspirational stretch. This came about in my personal workout routine because I had a bad habit of not stretching thoroughly before every workout. I was always in a rush, so my mentality was always to get straight to it.

Big mistake! The more I educated myself on health and fitness, the more I became aware of the significance that warming up your body does for healthy joints and injury prevention. So, before every workout, I watch a short motivational video while I stretch. Nothing too long- something normally around 5-10 minutes. Just enough time for me to properly warm up my body.

This strategy forces me to slow down, but it, more importantly, feeds my mind before every exercise session. Sometimes the videos are fitness related and sometimes it’s not. The videos are super helpful in reminding me of my goals and putting me in a driven mindset to conquer not only my upcoming workout but also my day.

Make it Interesting

It can get boring doing the same thing over and over again. If you are determined to live that healthy lifestyle, then it’s essential to find ways to make your workout more interesting. For example, I prefer dance workouts like hip-hop Tabata, kickboxing, jump rope training, and aerobic cardio exercises. It keeps things fun and less stressful, and many days it doesn’t feel like a work out at all.

Break it Up Into Circuits

Sometimes doing one work out for a long period of time can be very exhausting and dull. It’s more encouraging to break it down into smaller sections. For example, instead of doing one type of work out for 45 to 60 minutes straight, you can do 2-4 smaller workouts together in that same timeframe. That way, you’re less likely to get burnt out or fatigue. Instead, you will feel more motivated and confident because you have conquered something through breaking it up into smaller circuits.

In my case, I usually break my workout down into two sessions. I might do cardio dance one half for 30 minutes then do dumbbell strength training the last 30 minutes. Or, kickboxing the first half and an ab workout the last half.

Schedule Work Outs

It’s best to schedule your work out where you are more determined and confident. For most people, it’s early in the morning when they are eager to conquer the day. However, if your schedule does not permit it, then it may require some motivation and push to get you there. If you are a night owl, then working out at night might be optimal for you. The best way to do this is to put on some earphones with your favorite music to get yourself pumped and going. That extra boost can be very helpful to push you towards your fitness goal.

My days are usually hit and miss. Some days I can get in an early morning workout, and other days I have to hit it in the late afternoon. Whatever you have to do to get it done, keep your commitment to yourself and make it happen!

Keep it Simple

The worst part about working out is overthinking it. Sometimes, we can worry about the calories, measurements, fat percentage, etc. before we even step foot on the treadmill. We often stress about whether our workout is effective enough to burn off those extra calories or that we should’ve tried harder. This can be very detrimental to your fitness regime, It can get very stressful and crazy to the point that you might end up stopping. The best mindset to have is to say to yourself: “my goal is to try my hardest and have fun. Those extra calories will burn themselves as long as I keep going.”

Stop Overthinking Your Wardrobe

Do you run to the mall every time you start a new workout plan? Okay yeah, so we’re going to stop that today. Sometimes we have a habit of doing the most- and that is a prime example of doing the most. Shopping for workout clothes should not be our priority unless we actuallly need them. It’s just another stress we’re placing on our already discombobulated minds.

We end up focusing our attention on looking cute and superficial values rather than slaying the workout. The best way to conquer this is to get one to three main workout clothes that are comfortable and light. Having too many options can be mentally exhausting, and it can get in the way of our workout routine.

Once you have your set wardrobe, get into the habit of putting your workout clothes next to your bed so when the alarm clock goes off; you are ready to go. After all, the longer you linger in your home, the less likely that you will step foot in the gym or begin your work at home training.

The Wrap Up

Working out and living that healthy lifestyle does not have to be a struggle. These are my personal tips and health advice where I have found success. If you are already a fitness and health guru then these strategies probably won’t be of any value to you. However, if you are still in the contemplating stage, the suggestions listed above can definitely help you get started.

It’s OK to customize your needs as long as you are getting the results that you want. Everybody is different, so whatever you have to do to keep the marathon going is well worth it. Just remember, if you find that your workout routine is getting too boring and dull, then it’s time to spice it up. Don’t be afraid to be creative, it’s your life, so why not live it to the fullest.

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