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Feed Your Soul and Serve Through Volunteerism

By Crystal Hamilton

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People have a misconception that you need only money to contribute to a worthy cause and give back. This is not true. Offering your time is just as significant as donating monetarily. You do not have to be one of the wealthiest people in the world to do a great thing. Volunteering enables everyday people to contribute to the transformation of the world. All you need is the motivation to serve.

You touch hearts by choosing to spend time and offer your talents and skills to those in need. In exchange, you are rewarded with a sense of personal fulfillment and purpose.

Why Should You Choose to Be a Volunteer?

For most of us, volunteerism grants us the opportunity to make a difference in our communities. I think we all understand the extraordinary importance of giving back. We may not all possess millions of dollars to pour into our favorite charities- yet 🙂 but we all have the power to do something.

Volunteers are an intricate piece in helping organizations reach new horizons and have a greater impact within the community. They can be an organization’s greatest brand ambassadors. Volunteers add that personal touch to an organization’s brand and culture.

You are the heart of the cause in which you’re supporting. You’re the smile that brightens a person’s day or the personality that those in need find relatable or the connection that sparks someone’s life transformation. If you follow this blog you know I like to use the phrase kingdom work. Here at Superhero Alter Ego we do kingdom work; not only in our lives but in the ways we choose to serve others.

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Is There a Specific Role That Volunteers Do?

Volunteers do much more than just the practical mundane tasks of an organization. Sure they assist with event setup, food drives, social media management, and administrative duties, but a volunteer’s role runs much more deeper than that. They share an organization’s mission, increase brand awareness, encourage engagement- the heart of an organization’s efforts.

Several Benefits That Come With Volunteering Include:

Making Valuable Connections

Mentorships – Within volunteerism, one gains invaluable guidance, directions, and advice from more experienced personnel working alongside of them within an organization.

Partnerships –Many valuable and long-lasting relationships have been formed in volunteering programs. It is extremely common within nonprofit organizations and foundations to partner with charities who share similar missions. These partnerships expose the volunteer to a plethora of favorable connections and professional networks.

Business Opportunities – Business is all about solving problems, and when it comes to nonprofit organizations or foundations- finding resolutions for the world’s greatest social problems is a daily responsibility. Every day you will discover and assess the unmet needs of specific populations within the community. Offering your expertise toward potential resolutions could lead to an innovative and profitable business venture.

Human Development

Social and Emotional Intelligence – With almost every volunteer opportunity it is likely that you will be exposed to people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. Developing alternative perspectives for other people’s suffering and distress is sure to enhance your ability to control your own emotions while reading those of the people you are there to serve.

More Profound Empathy, Compassion, and Love for Humanity – Volunteering is empathy in action. When engaging in work that involves relieving pain, suffering, or injustice that someone may be facing, the altruism within you can’t help but radiate. Vicariously feeling their emotional experience and witnessing life from another person’s perspective is as empathetic as you can get.

Learn New Skills and Advance Career – Volunteering often affords you the opportunity to explore your own personal passions even if you don’t possess any professional experience in that arena. In essence, volunteering is hands-on training in whatever area the organization needs you most. Don’t think for a second that just because these are volunteer opportunities you can’t use the new skills you’ve acquired to spruce up your CV- it’s just the opposite.

Tour the World and Experience Diverse Cultures and Beliefs – Participating in volunteering programs will take you to new places, expose you to new cultures and people that you do not frequently interact with. It will help you get to know how different people in different parts of the world live-  their customs and traditions .

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A Sense of Purpose

Self-esteem Boost – If you don’t take away anything else from your volunteer experience, know and understand that you matter. Yes! You. Your time. Your skills. Your efforts matter. Appreciate and acknowledge what you bring to the table. No matter how minuscule or massive the job may seem- your actions (direct or indirect) are helping to make someone’s life better.

Make a Difference – Engaging in volunteering programs enables you to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and entire communities that are in dire need of a helping hand.

Emotional Stability – Performing acts of mercies can help you overcome your own personal afflictions such as depression, lack of self-worth, or lack of confidence. When you serve others, you share in their joy which in turn uplifts your own spirits.

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone – Stepping out of your comfort zone is never a painless process. This often petrifying undertaking warrants courage, confidence, and a lot of willpower to set your pride aside, assimilate into a whole new environment, and become proficient in new competencies.

A New Perspective of Life – Volunteerism affords you a new set of eyes to view life more holistically- teaching you to appreciate the things that make each individual different and those challenges that brings us together as human beings.

Journey to Philanthropy

Learn About the Causes You Care About – Volunteering can provide deeper insight into the causes near and dear to your heart; it can even uncover new found passions that you never knew existed. You get to see and hear first-hand the who, what, when, where, how, and why of social missions that you are most passionate about.

Learn Plans of Action That Work and Don’t Work – When tackling major issues as a volunteer, you quickly become familiar with what strategies that work and those that don’t. Depending on the duties assigned to you, the ability to master problem-solving could prove to be a very lucrative talent for future opportunities.

The Wrap Up

Feed your soul through serving others. Volunteering leads to longer life expectancy, happiness, and fulfillment of purpose. Self-actualizers seek volunteer opportunities for real-world learning, personal growth, and for the opportunity to offer significant contributions to society.

Be a part of something greater than yourself. Use volunteerism as a means to help you realize self-actualization.

Develop your true potential to the fullest extent.

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