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It’s Time to Grow. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Now!

By Crystal Hamilton

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Superhero Alter Ego Monthly Challenges : Our Personal Development Program

The blog is officially launched! I think it’s only right that we hit the ground running. What better way to unlock our inner power than by making an intentional effort to face our fears- immediately!

That’s right! Our very first monthly challenge will entail getting out of our comfort zone. No more playing small people. No more procrastinating. No more lame excuses.

This Month’s Challenge: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Complete the Get Out of Your Comfort Zone PDF to get started right away! Don’t worry if you can’t start at the beginning of every month with these challenges; the most important thing is that you complete them- that we complete them!

Challenge Instructions

Instructions are pretty much straightforward for this challenge.

I will be documenting my journey as well. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to find my personal videos and photos during the challenge.

Take a deep breath and cease the negative talk telling you that you can’t do it. You absolutely can and will do this!

For many of you, this may be the first baby step toward changing your life. Let’s go get it!

Don’t forget to share this challenge with your family and friends on social media!

This page was last updated on Oct 11, 2019.

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