success stories

what my clients say

I had a very productive weekend. Thanks to you! After our video call, I felt the urge to declutter as soon as possible. I have been wanting to declutter my closet and finally did it! Well, I still have more clothes and other stuff to throw/give away but at least I got started already. Moving forward, I want to be mindful of how I buy things.

I feel that our call empowered me to keep moving forward. It also helped me to realize that I’ve made a lot of progress this year in spite of all the challenges that I have faced. You have encouraged me to focus on my strengths and be productive. I love that you listened to my story and gave me positive feedback.

I used to write down my things to do before but I stopped. Your “Perfect Your 24hrs” worksheet helped me to itemize my daily tasks and activities better. I love that you added a section about positive affirmations, priorities, things that I’m grateful for, and how to make sure that I eliminate my distractions. 

I can feel that Monday will be amazing! Thanks, Crystal! 

Marissa abao

Pinterest Strategist and Virtual Assistant