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The Power of Forgiveness and How it Can Unlock Your Destiny

By Crystal Hamilton

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Forgiveness: The Missing Piece to the Law of Attraction Puzzle

Lately there have been an abundance of articles and videos of people speaking about the wonders of the Law of Attraction. For those of you who have not yet burrowed into the world of manifestation, this is the universal law that suggests that we have the power to attract into our lives whatever we choose to focus on. Whatever we give our energy and attention to will come back to us. Sounds amazing right !?!

Well, the Law of Attraction can be an amazing tool to attract the positivity, abundance, and money that so many people seek when practicing this law. However, often times people fail to understand the law in its entirety. There are significant steps to follow in order for the law to work in your favor. They are as follows: (1) Ask the universe for what you want through speech, thought, and feeling, (2) believe that you will get what you asked for in conjunction with inspired action, and (3) receive your request by matching its vibration.

By now you’re probably asking yourself, what the hell does all of this have to do with forgiveness.

Stay with me. That revelation is coming right now.

Step number three is the one often disregarded- the significance of vibration. Without this very important third step, the Law of Attraction cannot benefit you.

Do you see? Lack of forgiveness distorts the world around you and lowers your vibrational energy. Its resistance will block or prevent you from manifesting your best life.

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Success in our lives depends on our power to achieve happiness and contentment. That happiness belongs to us and to those around us. Our happiness can be severely damaged when someone hurts us. A number of times we feel that we shouldn’t forgive that person, because we want to teach them a hard lesson, or because we don’t want them to hurt us anymore, or because we think that their crime is to great to merit forgiveness of any kind.

Unfortunately, by not exercising our power to forgive we only hurt ourselves more by sending out more negative energy that according to the Law of Attraction, we are doomed to attract right back in our lives.

Too often, we spend a significant amount of time pondering the broken relationship or hurt inflicted by others. By not forgiving these individuals, we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear and a lack of trust in others. Ultimately, we prohibit our own personal growth.

The Negative Effects of Unforgiveness on Your Emotional Health

To not forgive, is a choice too. Whilst it sometimes seems like the easy, or only, option; it has a devastating and real effect on the health of the person who has been wronged in the first instance.

Often the person who is not forgiving has been badly hurt already. Whilst that person does not forgive, the other person still has a degree of power over them. This power can only shift back, when the victim takes control by forgiving the perpetrator.

By opting not to forgive, a person can be exposing themselves to risks of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, anger and frustration, lack of trust and even self-hatred. Sadly the person who refuses to forgive, often does this as a way of punishing the other person. However, more often than not, it is the person refusing to forgive who will feel the brunt of such punishment.

Five Reasons Forgiveness Will Draw You Closer Toward Reaching Your Full Potential

Forgiveness allows you to develop your Personal Relationship with God: When we commit to discovering our self and fully understand the purpose God has for our life, it will give us a new perspective, a new set of eyes to understand what is really important in our lives. Very often, it is our bitterness which blocks us from this understanding.

Forgiveness allows you to take back control of your life: When you truly forgive others, you will be in a position to stop blaming others for the negativity in your life. This will allow you to take back the power that you have given over to them.

Forgiveness allows you to extend grace: When you truly forgive others, you will learn to let go of all the bitterness and grudges which are held within you. Your capacity to empathize with others will increase. This will allow you to see that you too, hurt others and would want others to forgive you too.

Forgiveness allows you to remove the heaviness from your life: Forgiving others allows you to remove a giant weight from your shoulders. The perpetrator will no longer be able to affect you. Your stress will subside and you will find more happiness.

Forgiveness allows you to self-reflect: It allows you to become more aware of the impact that your own actions may have contributed to the situation. Reflection will allow you to understand the ways in which you might have handled your actions better or communicated more effectively. It is essential to take full responsibility for your own life.


The Wrap Up

It is only when you are at your best that you can legitimately pursue your purpose and achieve self-actualization. Failing to forgive, stands in the way of contentment, happiness, and success. On the other hand, forgiveness allows you to develop a sense of clarity that would otherwise be impossible.

By learning to forgive, you will release all of the bitterness and resentment inside you; this will catapult you toward becoming your most confident, self-assured and fulfilled, best self.

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