it's time to take action

Use these helpful tools to take action toward mastering your mindset and sparking your transformation. Nothing can be accomplished without execution. It’s time to get to work!

break free from negative emotions workbook

Take back your power and overcome your negativity by linking your unhealthy emotions with your physical reactions. Note upsetting events and experiences that affect you emotionally and physiologically. Learn to pay attention to which parts of your body are affected. These exercises will help you begin to take notice of your reaction to distress and overwhelm and how to begin mastering these emotions and stop them in their tracks.

create your superhero alter ego bundle

Create an alter ego personality, transform yourself, and challenge your fears. Here at Superhero Alter Ego, our Shero Egos force us to escape our comfort zones and catapult us into our greatness.  Tap into your inner power, so you can stop shrinking and playing small to conform to the pressures of society. Start taking the time to really ponder the concept of who you truly want to become in this life right now. From here you will begin to walk like, talk like, and act like the person inside you’ve always known yourself to be.

limiting beliefs and affirmations mini guide

No more self-sabotaging your success. It’s time to get control of your negative thoughts and behaviors and finally conquer your self-limiting beliefs. With these worksheets, I will teach you how to recognize your negative self-talk, reverse engineer your pessimistic mindset patterns, and replace them with powerful affirmations. These affirmations will assist you on your journey of manifesting the reality that you want to create for you and your family.

get out of your comfort zone now challenge

It’s time to stop playing small and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. To gain confidence toward your life goals and intentions, you’ve got to challenge yourself. Take risks starting today. Inside this bundle you’ll receive practical solutions for jump starting your discomfort so you can build the courage to live the life you’ve always dreamed. Don’t cheat yourself. Really DO THE WORK and you will begins to see your mindset transform and your courage SOAR!

create a vision for your life workbook

Do you feel stuck in life, stagnant, and unfulfilled? Do you find yourself on autopilot day to day feeling like you’ve lost your focus? Then it’s time for some much needed self-reflection. Use this mind mapping guide to help you create a vision for your life and align your mindset with the life that you’ve always dreamed. Get crystal clear about your future, so your decisions and behaviors moving forward can manifest your epic life.

looking for more support?

60 min session

try my master your mindset mini training

The Master Your Mindset Mini Training is designed to help you transform your thoughts, emotions, and core beliefs in one specific area of your life so you can stop self-sabotaging your potential for success and begin to manifest the reality of your dreams.  

 Here you will receive (1) a pre-training assessment to identify mental roadblocks and obstacles standing in the way of you reaching your goals, and (2) a 60 minute coaching session with workbook that offers a tailored a plan of action for igniting a positive mental shift in this specific area of your life.