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What’s My Why For Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle

By Crystal Hamilton

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Let me start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with working out to look good-especially nowadays when our lives are completely consumed with social media.

Let’s see… we have the full body mirror selfie. The look at my bootie selfie. The muscle flex selfie. The look at my abs selfie. I could go on and on.

It makes me think of the scene from the classic film Forrest Gump. Do you guys remember Bubba? “There’s uh, lemon shrimp, barbeque shrimp, coconut shrimp, shrimp gumbo…

Lord, Have mercy! There are selfies for any and every thing.

Anyhoo, so the point I’m getting to is… I’ve come to realize that my necessity for exercising and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle runs far deeper than its aesthetic benefits.

A healthy body is essential if I want to achieve success within each of my shifting identities- mother, wife, business woman, mentor, volunteer, community leader etc.

Everyone strives for success and happiness in life. I now understand that to achieve success and happiness, it is essential that my body and mind are healthy. Achieving a healthy body and mind will require extreme effort and dedication; it is essential to prioritize healthy eating, a well-planned exercise program and an appropriate amount of rest and sleep. By choosing a healthy lifestyle, I will be rewarded with improved stamina and increased endurance. This will allow me to live my life to the fullest.

Check out my Why’s for transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. They may be able to assist you on your journey toward becoming the best version of yourself too.


Frequently, as a result of our busy lives, we put ourselves last. We put our children, spouse and parents needs before our own. However, to have the energy and productivity to be good parents, we need to be healthy and relaxed. We need to consider ourselves more, as we are a very important part of our successful family unit. We need to focus on our own stress management. An excellent way of ensuring that we do focus on managing our stress levels, is to have a well planned exercise program. Quality exercise will help us to reduce our stress levels substantially, whilst simultaneously increasing our energy levels and productivity. We must remind ourselves, from time to time, that it is the feeling of our own achievement and personal success that will allow us to reach self-actualization.


An excellent reason for having a well planned, high quality exercise program, is that it enhances our status as a role model for our family. Exercise is a great way to bond as a family and the best exercise programs include a wide range of activities that the whole family can participate in.

Having a great exercise program in place, does not take us away from our families. Rather, it allows us to be there sharing life experiences with them. Better health, is often equated with longevity, and a longer life means more time to spend with our future generations. A significant aspect of being a parent, is the desire to leave a positive legacy for your children. Building an exercise program into your life will allow you to include a healthy active lifestyle as part of that legacy. Make it your mission to break unhealthy generational cycles of obesity, replacing those with a love of fitness, sport ,and outdoor pursuits.


The Busy Life of an Entrepreneur

To manage a business successfully, you need stamina and the mental strength to concentrate and focus. The life of an entrepreneur is busy and you will have a multitude of responsibilities, such as managing employees and travel between various offices and clients- even speaking engagements. In fact, you probably feel that you don’t have time for an exercise program. However, with such a demanding job, it is even more important to prioritize good health above everything else. Being healthy is essential to working effectively as an entrepreneur.

The Public Image of an Entrepreneur

A significant part of the job of an entrepreneur is public facing. You will need to deliver client presentations and attend speaking engagements. At these events, you will be expected to look good and you will need to feel great, so that you exude confidence. Looking and feeling good, having confidence and a sense of style, will allow you to capture the attention of others. This is extremely important when you are trying to establish and grow your business.


In order to reach your potential, you need to feel great about yourself. Having a strong sense of purpose and a positive attitude will undoubtedly motivate you to have a better quality of life. Physical health must always remain a priority, since goals and dreams can not be fulfilled without it.

The Wrap Up

Maintaining our physical health is a key aspect of achieving self-actualization. Our personal health doesn’t just impact our own lives, but also has a huge effect on our loved ones. You owe it to your family to treasure your health and care for yourself. Every time you feel like giving up your healthy eating, or your exercise program, remember all those people you love and how they are benefiting from having a more healthy version of you around. It is never worth giving in or quitting. Keep living the dream!

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