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Where Can I Find a Quiet Place to Meditate at Home?

By Crystal Hamilton

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Meditation is a way for us to take control and responsibility for our state of mind thereby learning to change our thoughts for the better. It helps us to develop a deepened sense of clarity, concentration, mindfulness, and emotional positivity. This art form is not sacred to only a group of exclusive people who are set apart from the rest of the world by their unique giftedness in this area. Nothing could be further from the truth. Spirituality is just an aspect of our humanity, that all people possess.

When You Don’t Have Time to Meditate: You Should Try Shower Meditation

A familiar challenge that puts people off meditation, is the amount of time that it appears to require. When I decided to make meditation part of my life, I couldn’t imagine how in the world it was going to fit into my hectic daily schedule- let alone locate a peaceful place at home to meditate. Like so many women these days, I am juggling a plethora of roles. Wife. Stay at home mother of four. Homeschool teacher to my children. Aspiring entrepreneur. Volunteer etc.

If this sounds like your story too, don’t fret. I think I may have unconvered a method to get you the serenity that both you and I so deserve.

I recently revisited a familiar ritual that I used to practice in my earlier years as a teen. Back in the day when I loved taking time out for myself, to escape the long day of tedious school work, basketball practice, and family dysfunction, I would sit down in the shower and let the water bounce off my face to completely relax my brain and clear my mind of any thoughts.

I didn’t realize it then, but what I was actually doing, was meditating.

If you’re like myself and have so much going on at home that traditional meditation methods just won’t compliment your restless lifestyle. Try this instead.

How to Meditate in the Shower

Set aside time for a shower, ideally ten minutes or more, when you will not be interrupted. Take in some lovely fragrant soap or shower gel, which will help you to relax. Stand directly under the water and let the water hit you lightly in the face. Move in further and let the water run down your head. Listen to the splashing on your feet, feel the water on your toes and relax them. Feel the water splash all around you and focus on each part of your body working up from your feet and legs to your torso, arms neck and head. When you feel relaxed, you are ready to move on to the next stage.

Relax Your Body and Still Your Mind

As you rinse off the soap, imagine all of the negative energy or energy that is no longer yours to keep going down the drain. Continue to listen to the water as it splashes off your body and runs away; imagine that energy being pulled away with the water.

Take Long Deep Breaths

Become mindful of your breathing. Slowly inhale and exhale to further relax your body. Stay aware of the sensation of the water hitting your body. Now, focus on how the water hitting your body makes you feel. The idea is to be very aware of all the sensations that you feel and experience.


This is a very empowering exercise that I do towards the end of my daily shower meditation. Practice visualizing what your ideal life would look like. Picture yourself running your dream business or landing your dream job, traveling all over the world, taking family vacations, looking and feeling your best. Can you see it? Even more so, can you feel it? Imagine, that you are looking at a photo of yourself in that ideal situation.

Benefits of Shower Meditation

There are many benefits to meditating whilst taking a shower. As a busy mom, for me, the main benefit of meditating whilst taking a shower is that I really look forward to that ten minutes of time alone. I enjoy the silence, solitude and my own company.

Additionally, I find it extremely healing, I have the opportunity to let the tension and all the daily aches and pains, simply wash away. I find that shower meditation clears bad energy from my body. When I meditate in the morning, it sets me up for the day. When I meditate in the evening, I have a much more restful sleep. It’s simply wonderful, whilst cleansing my body, I feel like I’m cleansing my soul.

Stimulate Creativity

Neuroscientists claim that our dopamine levels increase when we take a warm shower. Dopamine is known as the “feel-good” hormone. Dopamine is associated with feelings of euphoria and it is said to improve motivation and concentration. So, with a natural increase in our levels of concentration, it is understandable why it seems effortless for us to receive spontaneous creative insights while in the shower.

I literally keep a notebook close by when it’s shower time because this meditation strategy works wonders for generating amazing ideas.

Energize Your Soul and Raise Your Vibration

Water is very cleansing. It makes us feel clean, renewed, fresh and alive. You may find that you have a tingly vibration running through you when you are in the shower. You might even feel uplifted in the shower. When we are happy, we feel good, peaceful, free and content. This is the perfect time to meditate. The stillness and calmness accompanied by the beautiful melody of running water is perfectly conducive to connecting with yourself. I find that I can get even more in the meditative zone if I recite positive affirmations to myself.

The Wrap Up

It is often difficult to take time out of our busy lives to focus on ourselves. For mothers in particular, it can seem almost impossible to find a quiet place at home where you can peacefully practice meditation. However, it is essential to look after your mind, body, and soul, in order to stay healthy and strong to be in the best possible position to care for your family.

Everyone can set aside ten minutes to take a shower. Taking this time out to devote to your own spiritual well-being will really help strengthen you and keep you in the best possible frame of mind to tend to your responsibilities and attack your day.

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